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PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 2:24 pm 
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I purchased this car from a "friend" almost a year ago now. Basically what happened was he put a down payment to a buy here pay here lot, and then he didn't have the money to pay it off. He came to me to sell the car and at first I was skeptical. But it drove great and it looked nice and the seats inside were so comfortable, and it had a premium radio system it seemed, and the fuel gauge/speedometer etc was all digital so I bought it from him. We went together to the car lot to pay it off, the car lot refused to add my name to the title on the spot, saying you'd have to do it at the BMV. We instantly went to the BMV, where they told us that no they can't do that only the car lot can do that. So we eventually discover apparently we can't do that so we'll have to get the title in my friend's name first then he can sign it over to me. Well, my "friend" owed a few thousand dollars in child support and upon going to the BMV to get the title in his name they handed us a slip of paper that stated that the state of Indiana was putting a lien on the car, and until it's paid off the title will not be sent to him, so that he can sign it over to me..... ....

Here it is a year later and no progress has been made to that end. I could take him to court, but he was formerly a friend of mine, and for another thing he doesn't really have a job that he could pay me even if I took it to court and won that easy, so I have not taken it to court (also I was informed from a mechanic I know that the state is still not going to release the lien because it takes precedent over my claim, even though it was rightfully mine before it ever was the state's, being that I paid it off, not my friend). In any case, I did drive it for a short time (not having any option) but about 3 months ago the alternator went out, and while it's not an expensive thing to fix, without having a title (and thus the ability to register the vehicle and get a new plate) it's not worth fixing the alternator to me.

Basically I'm trying to get what I can from it. This is a GREAT car, I am only 24 years old and this car is almost as old as me, but it has really given me an appreciation of Oldsmobiles and makes me sad that they are no longer making new cars. If I could obtain the title I wouldn't be selling this vehicle, because like I said I LOVE this car. However my current situation is that I have this car in my driveway, the plate will expire in a month or so, I can't get the title for the life of me and I think it would be a shame to just call a tow company and get $50 bucks for them to scrap it. This car has plenty more life in it in my opinion and though that option is still on the table, I want it to be a last resort to scrap this great car.

This car is not in perfect condition I will admit and I will list the problems so no one thinks otherwise. The alternator is the only problem that is keeping this vehicle off the road (well besides the title), other than that it runs and it runs fine, it doesn't overheat, the transmission is in good condition, etc. The second thing worth mentioning is that for some time I thought the turn signals didn't work, however I did discover that they work sometimes just before the alternator went out. When I thought they were out I tried going to autozone to replace the part and I'm not sure why but it didn't seem to fix it. I think perhaps there might be a short in a wire somewhere but I'm not a mechanic so I'm not 100% sure, but I will say that they do work sometimes, just every now and then you click the signal and the light doesn't come on. Third, the passenger side had an accident previous to me or my "friend" owning the vehicle. It is dented on that side, the passenger door only opens from the outside handle, the inside one doesn't catch onto anything, and also the passenger mirror hangs loose, it's there, but it won't stay in a position to let you seeout of it when driving.

I am currently cleaning the vehicle inside so that I can take pictures of it to post it on craigslist, but I found this site just now and thought maybe an oldsmobile enthusiast would be more interested in this car. The color of the car is olive green. I can take pictures upon request (if I haven't already done so) but right now I am just looking to see if there is any interest on this site. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana, my cell phone number is 317-361-6648 if you are remotely interested please call or text me for more information. My email address is, I do check it fairly regularly but sometimes emails from ppl I don't know end up in the junk box and get deleted without me seeing them. I'm not worried about my minutes on my cell phone though, that would be the best way to get ahold of me.

Oh one more thing the engine is a V8 5.0L and has approximately 105k miles on it. I would like to get $350-400 for this vehicle that's what I will be posting on craigslist in a few days, but I will consider any reasonable offer, and will be more inclined to accept an offer from an oldsmobile enthusiast who is actually going to drive it (cause I really think it a shame for it to go for scraps just because the state seized the title). Thank you for reading and please call if you are interested, I'm not a dealer so there's no pressure to buy.

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