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 Post subject: Heater Problems
PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 11:01 am 
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I have a 1987 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royal Brougham with the electronic/digital HVAC controls:

The air conditioner doesn't work and the system has been emptied. For the two weeks a year it would be nice to have in my location it isn't worth fixing.

However I need to have a working heater. The air comming out of the vents isn't very powerful. I can hear the fan going full tilt and all the fan speed settings seem to work, but it still doesn't blow very hard. The car was sitting for six years before I got it and I found these on the floor (little foam bits that seem to be in place in other parts of the ducts for sealing two pieces together):

So I'm thinking that there is a leak in the ducting somewhere behind the dash. When the system is set for defog, all the air comes out the defog vent as it should. When set to vent all the air comes out the vents, and when set to heat it is split between the floor and the defog vents. I'm unsure if that is correct for the last setting. Even though it isn't powerful it works for what I need it to do, but I am getting some complaints from my girlfriend. Does this sound like the culprit?

When the car is cold (not just the engine temp, but the whole car) on winter mornings the heater controls have trouble. Sometimes the temperature setting display shows random characters, sometimes it doesn't work at all. During this time none of the buttons work. Eventually the system comes back to life and either resets to the last setting or turns itself off and displays "24". At this point the buttons start to work again. This only happens when it is near or below freezing. I can only guess that there is a bad connection or component in the controls that looses contact when it is cold and makes contact again once warm. When I have time I will take the unit apart and reflow all the solder connections. Has anybody else heard of this?

Finally the heater core developed a leak a week and a half ago. I purchased a new one and new hoses for the entire cooling system. I got all the new parts installed on Saturday. Once all the new parts were installed. I tested it for leaks and put the car back together. To get the heater core out from under the dash I had to remove a bracket with some relays and a white box with two electrical connections. And a black box with electrical and vacuum connections that was mounted to the heater core cover. I didn't disconnect any of the vacuum connections but I did remove all the electrical connections. The black box also had a lever on the top with a round metal linkage connected to another lever on the other side of the heater core housing. This was carfully removed when I took it apart and everything was put back just as I found it.

However now the temperature control doesn't work. I found this out Sunday when driving on the highway. It doesn't matter what I have the temperature set to it comes out full hot all the time. Right now it isn't a bit issue as it is winter and I generally have it set to full hot anyway, but when it starts to warm up again I will like to turn it down. All the controls for vent/defog/heat work as they did before. Can anyone suggest what I might have broken/not put back together right? Is that linkage what controls the mixing of hot and fresh air?

Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.


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