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 Post subject: First time GM owner
PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2012 4:32 pm 
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I've had Honda Civic 1979 - ah the tin can, carburetor, 2 door single gal car.
Went to a 91 subaru legacy and that is the energizer bunny. 422k but tranny seal is leaking and hubby needs to pull the engine to replace the $6 seal. Meanwhile our 93 subie wagon engine is on the stand being overhauled, which of course takes double the time than intended.

I need to drive our boy to his youth symphony rehearsals (flutist) and can't drive hubby's 72 3/4 ton chevy pick-up. I'm nicknamed stubby - shorty, etc.

So for $1100 we just got a 1991 olds 88 royale. 130k. The alternative was the tin can geo prizm/toyota corolla with no electric windows and A/C kills the engine going up a hill. With the tilt seat upright, and the seat all the way forward, I can reach the pedals. And no high head rest so I won't be the headless driver.

Original owner drove until 2010, bought a caddie. Seller bought it and brought the tags current and replaced "everything on the left side" of the engine bay. Fuel pump, water pump, timing belt, plugs, wires, harmonic balancer, another pulley, A/C pump (which confuses me because I'm used to the term condenser) (A/C blows no cool air).

The car floats. Wow oh wow on the suspension. We live in the mountains and glided up the hill. Our old subie suspension needed a change (422k miles, go figure) and this olds is nice.

Parking brake doesn't work - I posted that.
Passenger window barely works - we are used to that on our old subie and can change that part.
Headliner coming down in the very back - I need to find my fabric glue.
hub cap missing the locking nut - have to go to a dealer from what I found searching for the yellow Y. At least we have the unlocking tool.

Our 16yr old son's reaction to the car - cool! Retro! Compared to the 20 yr olds who say this car is not their style and thus why we bought it from him.

I'm confused why there is so many olds forums, but this one seems to be the most active.

I do all the computer research and hubby does the work. He is meticulous, so no job is a quick job. If he takes off a part and the paint is worn off, he'll repaint before installing. Little things bug us so I've been hunting for the trunk bumper stop - no luck, or napa freight $$, I'll check with a dealer.

What is really confusing is why no GM dealer sells online? I could buy toyota parts from Butler in Indiana, and Subaru from WA because California charges more than suggested retail. Maybe the GM dealers don't do that, I'll find out soon.

Junk yards - well in So CA the EPA stopped people going in to pull the parts themselves because they were opening and spilling the fluids on the ground. So prices are higher because the employees have to pull the parts now - real bummer when they don't always know the part we need. I understand the parts are for 1986-91 Olds 88, but what other models have the same parts? That helps when calling for a part.


 Post subject: Re: First time GM owner
PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2012 6:10 pm 
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Welcome to the forum.

There is a few GM dealers that sell online....well, all of them will ship if you call them up with what you need.

You can find the part you need using this GM parts catalog:
You can order from them as well, but if they don't have it in stock (it's only one dealer), you can search the GM part number here:
It will give you a list of dealers that have the part in stock and you can call or email them. I had to use this method to find a sun visor clip for my was quite the search. Finally found a dealer in Minnesota that had they part and they shipped it out COD.

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 Post subject: Re: First time GM owner
PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:28 am 
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Thank you for the nally gmc link. Finally a parts list to the photo. Well most of the parts. The photo will show a # and sometimes the part isn't listed. Hubby is stopping by a dealer to check on the hood rear rubber bumper. has some of the parts for less. I'm confused why the local dealer said the parking brake assembly wasn't available but the two websites have the part. We ordered the one missing locking center hub nut (yellow) from the local dealer.

Got my service manual and hallelujah an index! Why Japanese vehicles of the same year (Toyota) never had an index is beyond me. Still trying to be familiar with it to install the window motor I got of Amazon for $26. Hunting down the right part numbers for the window guides. I was shocked when I saw holes in the windows, now I know it is for the guides.

Friday we get a new key cylinder and keys from our local locksmith. Instead of him pulling the current cylinder to get the #, just pull it out and put a new one in. The current is worn. It took me over 5 minutes at the gas station to get the key to turn towards on. I don't have the "knack".

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